Annotation Interface ProfileMe

@Retention(RUNTIME) @Target({CONSTRUCTOR,METHOD,TYPE}) public @interface ProfileMe
You want to measure a method or constructor? Mark it with @ProfileMe. You want to measure all methods or constructors in a class? Mark the class with @ProfileMe.

You want to find constructors or methods of a class which are never called? Mark the class with @ProfileMe and look at the constructors and methods which has a hit of "0". This feature works only if you mark the whole class with @ProfileMe because in this case the ProfileStatisticMBean initializes the ProfileMonitor for each method in this class.

For all other methods or constructors the attached ProfileMonitor is initialized at the first call. So you don't see the ProfileMonitor if the method or constructor is never called.

Note: This works only for classes which are really loaded. If a class is loaded you can see it with the ClasspathMonitorMBean.

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